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Fran Whyman
Fran L. Whyman, Counselor at Law

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Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

The creation of an estate plan brings peace of mind, knowing that you have planned for the future. The practice works with individuals and couples to help them craft a comprehensive estate plan that meets their needs. Fran Whyman meets with clients to determine their needs and desires and to strategize with them about the best ways to achieve their goals. She then implements the plan.   This plan may include the drafting of a will, a trust, a power of attorney, a healthy care proxy, a health care directive, a declaration of homestead, and other documents. Previously drafted documents may require updating or modification, and she can assist with this.  The practice also helps clients with the probating of an estate.

The process begins by identifying the client’s needs and desires for the present and future. Those individual interests will determine what planning tools are put in place.

Wills and Trusts
For individuals and couples with young children, a Will can provide peace of mind by providing for the care, education and financial security of the children. For aging individuals, wills and trusts can help make certain that their estates will pass to those they want to inherit their property according to their specific wishes. A Trust can be created to help secure the financial well being of a surviving spouse and to preserve financial resources for children and grandchildren. Tax consequences are considered to maximize preservation and future use of long-term savings. Children and grandchildren can be provided for. The cost of education of a family member can be planned for. Trusts allow family members to preserve the maximum amount of their family resources by considering the tax implications of their estate.

Durable Powers of Attorney
The creation of a Power of Attorney can provide peace of mind, allowing individuals to know that in an emergency situation or in time of illness, all of their financial and other decisions they regularly make about their finances, business, and other matters, can be carried out by a trusted fiduciary in their place, until such time as they can again make those decisions themselves.

Health Care Proxies and Directives
The designation of a Health Care Proxy, allows a trusted, designated, family member or friend to give consent to make important medical decisions in one’s place at a time when that individual is unable to do so. Individuals can use Medical Directives, to express their specific medical treatment desires ahead of time, so that they can be used by physicians and designated individuals as directives, to help them decide what types of medical care that individual would have wanted to receive or decline under the circumstances. These documents are put in place to help preserve the dignity of the individual's right to decide for himself or herself, about crucial health care decisions. With these advance directives, and with the choice of a trusted fiduciary, it is possible to have personal treatment choices respected, at the moment when one cannot independently express those wishes.

Probating an Estate
The practice also helps individuals and families with the probating of an estate of a loved one or friend.

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